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The normal acidity of your vagina keeps bacteria and yeast in check. Because douching can change the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina, it can raise your risk of infection — along with your chances of developing unwanted vaginal odor. In trimethylaminuria, the body is unable to turn a strong-smelling chemical called trimethylamine — produced in the gut when bacteria break down certain foods — into a different chemical that doesn't smell. We'll show you how to handle a UTI. It is not an STI, though it can be triggered by sex with a new partner. It may also cause blood in the urine or cloudy urine. Luther's Ruth Wilson catches the eye in off-shoulder tulle dress with heavily-ruffled train as she graces the red carpet at glitzy event Met Gala
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Rare cancers you've probably never heard of. Prostatitis is an acute inflammation of the prostate gland in men. It's never a bad idea to call your doctor and get checked out. What exactly is this scary sounding ailment and what causes it? Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. References Bacterial vaginosis — CDC fact sheet. Urine that smells like sulfur isn't always cause for concern, but there are some instances where it can be.
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This can cause a grayish, fishy-smelling vaginal discharge that may be noticeable when urinating. Cystitis refers to inflammation of the bladder. Enim quis fugiat consequat elit minim nisi eu occaecat occaecat deserunt aliquip nisi ex deserunt. I always use LB just after the period, so I introduced half a tablet just before bedtime, thereby maintain the balance in the vagina. They will likely prescribe you antibiotics to get rid of the infection before it spreads to the kidneys.
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The parents themselves might only have 1 copy of the faulty gene. Since this is not an acute case of a strange smell and the issue is chronic, we highly recommend bringing your Beagle for a full checkup and evaluation to diagnose if this is anal glands, an infection or other health problem. A doctor can provide a diagnosis and recommend the quickest path to recovery. This infection will affect the urine, and can cause urine that smells like fish. Avoid washing the vagina with soaps, body scrubs, or detergents You can avoid foods known to cause fishy-smelling urine, but this can be difficult to do.
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